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Small Business Saturday: The best stocking stuffers

The day is almost here! Black Friday is for suckers, y’all. We’re all about Small Business Saturday up in here. I know I’ve been sharing gift guides for the last month or so, but I wanted to highlight a few things I’ve found for stockings over the last few weeks and will be shopping this weekend!

These are little, fun additions to Christmas morning! I’ve already purchased more than half of these things, and I’m so happy with what I got. As you can see from most of these – I love items that won’t just pile up as stuff. I’m all about functionality, food or anything that can be used up.

Here are a few things I’ll be buying this weekend – join me in supporting these incredible small businesses! 😊

  1. I’m so excited for these maple bourbon caramels! I got them for my step dad and fiance’s stockings. They also make salted caramels, and DELICIOUS toffee in five flavors. All good options! Made in Middleboro, MA. $10 for a bag of caramels and $11 for toffee. Use the code “BDay” for 15% off orders over $25
  2. Maple Craft Foods takes traditional sweet treats to whole new level. We LOVE that this company sources exclusively from family-owned farms and that everything is packaged at a nonprofit processing center in Massachusetts. Maple Craft Foods sells maple syrups; kits for pancakes, waffles and muffins; and – my personal favorite – sample size kits! Buy a kit for $24 and split between three stockings, or full-sized syrups start at $13.
  3. These little matchboxes each contain a Christmas puzzle! For kids, parents or those just looking for something to take up time before kids rip through every gift, these are a super fun option. A set of six costs $14 and includes fun brainteasers, a Christmas joke and other amusing activities. Tons of great reviews.
  4. Giving soap in a stocking is such a grandma thing to do. . . UNLESS IT’S AWESOME SOAP. These Harry Potter soaps are my favorite. For just $14 you get a bar customized to your Hogwarts house! This California-based shop also sells adorable gift sets based on Starbucks drinks (SO cute), unicorns, and more. Starting Black Friday, most of the shop will be 25% off!
  5. These are such a great idea and I have no idea how I didn’t know they existed?! These key chains are just $6 and perfectly hold a lip balm for that Chapstick-obsessed person in your life (we all have one, OK?) Choose from 19 fabric options! For Black Friday, this shop’s small and large essential oil travel bags will be 20% off with the code BF20.
  6. I ordered a set of these for every single person in my family. This Texas-based company sells dehydrated “drink bombs” you can drop into your favorite alcohol for an instant cocktail! They come in a few dozen cocktail options, and the two-pack is perfectly packaged for a stocking (that’s what I got but you can get more or just one!) $12.50 for two. MyDrinkBomb will offer free shipping on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, plus 30% off on this cute reusable straw with the code STRAW30!
  7. Christmas4acause sells 13 different custom Christmas ornaments and 30 percent of all sales go directly to Specially Gifted Foundation to help enrich the lives of children with disabilities.We love the ornaments you can make with kids and dog names! Best part? They’re only $8.
  8. Need a great kids gift that actually serves a purpose instead of piling up in the corner? These adorable hair brushes would be great for sisters or a group of cousins. Brushes come in several colors, as do fonts! $6
  9. I love these tiny little emergency alcohol key chains! They’re cute and, mostly, funny. They come with a non-consumable liquid inside, but you can ask for them to be sent to you empty to fill yourself! $8
  10. These little stuffers are perfect for the entertainer! Or snacker. Or anyone really. These light-shaped containers contain pre-made dip mixes super easy to whip up for a party. Options like French onion, lemon dill, beer cheese and more. Mixing instructions included. $7 each
  11. We love a good gift that combines functionality and sustainability! These zero-waste dish sponges come in tons of prints, are completely machine washable and would make a great gift for anyone with a kitchen! These are handmade in Texas. Sponges on sale for as little as $3 through Small Business Saturday – no code needed!
  12. These are good for long-haired folks of all ages! Who doesn’t need a hair tie and want seasonally-appropriate accessories? Also love these for their affordability. Even the single pieces come with the cute cardboard holder. $2.60 for one, $4.80 for a four pack. Use code BlackFriday20 for 20% off
  13. These are great for students or anyone else who regularly uses pencils (think dad’s handy projects!) This set come with 12 colorful pencils engraved with funny sayings, TV show quotes, song lyrics and other phrases for under $10. This shop sells nearly 50 other sets as well with themes like certain TV shows, Christmas phrases and positive messages. Could keep together or split between multiple people! Use the code CREATEHAPPINESS for 20% off.
  14. These compact mirrors are absolutely beautiful for girls of any age. Several patterns and color schemes are available! $8
  15. Just because you’re looking for small-sized and affordable for stockings doesn’t mean cute customized gifts have to go out the window! These custom engraved leather notepads can be made with a name or logo and are a good on-the-go accessory. $13

Bonus note: I can’t recommend enough just buying things when you see something someone in your life would love. Christmas, birthdays, whatever will always come – and that way you aren’t left thinking “What should I get Mark for his birthday?” under the gun. I just have a little drawer in my house that always has a few gifts I’ve bought throughout the year!

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