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I know how tempting it is to go on Amazon and buy your fifth novelty box of Ferrero Rocher for the company secret Santa exchange, or add-to-cart a quick puzzle for your friend’s kid you can never remember to shop for. But it can be just as easy to shop from a small business and the gift means so much more – both to the person who gets it and the maker you supported along the way.

Plus, things don’t have to cost a lot to be unique or special. Here are a few gifts under $15 you could give to literally anyone in your life, from a friend to your kids’ teachers to your package delivery driver.

  1. These personalized note cards are one of those things you didn’t realize you needed until you got them. Send a quick thank you note to grandma, substitute them for a birthday card you forgot to buy or use them to jot down that “Off to the store!” note when you leave the house. They’re simple, classy and all you have to know about a person to gift them is a name. $14
  2. It wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide without a candle, now would it? These from North Swansea’s Wax On Fire are a favorite of locals and online shoppers alike, and there are more than a dozen scents available. I like this Christmas one (it makes things sound less bleak) but if you’re really feeling like an over achiever, you can also customize your label. $6 to $24
  3. It’s seems like a silly thing – because it is – but having a business card holder made my purse, and my life, feel so much more organized. I wasn’t digging for cards with crumpled edges and it was an easy way to make sure I always had some with me! Great for a new graduate or anyone starting a new job. They come in a variety of colors and designs. $15
  4. I’m having a love affair with clay earrings right know, and these studs made to look like knit are hitting me right in the heart for the winter season. They’re fun yet not over-the-top, a good and affordable option for grandmas, moms, sisters and girlfriends. $9
  5. I bought this cheese knife within 30 seconds of seeing it several months ago. I mean, who isn’t feeling stabby this year? And it’s DISHWASHER SAFE, y’all. Buffalovely has all kinds of equally awesome items available like a key dish that reminds you of all the important things (keys, wallet, phone, don’t cry today) and a terra cotta flower pot that says “Grow, asshole.” $14
  6. I bought several of these stemless champagne glasses as party favors for my 26th birthday (my girlfriends and I had a sleepover in a hotel – it was my dream) and they are such good quality for the price. They’re glass, durable and the vinyl has held up for all of us! $9
  7. Not everyone is a hot sauce person, but hot sauce people love to talk about it, share it and try new ones. (I know because I’m about to marry one of them.) My favorite thing about the sets from Addicted Sauce Co. is that you can gift a sampling of six different flavors for just $12.
  8. Flower & Folk (a Black-owned, Massachusetts business!) has the most lovely bars of soap in a wide variety of scents. Put them in a stocking or wrap up a few all by themselves. My favorite is tea tree & mint! $6
  9. This is the best pepper jelly I’ve ever had, and there really just isn’t much more to say about that. Made by a Jamaican woman in a Massachusetts kitchen, Stir It Up jellies are the perfect gift for anyone who eats. So, anyone. They come in six flavors – my favorite is the extra hot. $11
  10. These hand-stamped cuff bracelets give you 100 ways to tell someone they’re special. Opt for their favorite phrase or Bible verse, leave them a personal message or go with a simple symbol. These bracelets go with anything and you can grab more than one if you just can’t decide what to say. My recommendation? “You can do hard things.” $14
  11. Personalized ornaments are a classic gift. You can’t go wrong, and you know whoever you gift will cherish it for years to come. These puppy name plate ornaments by Mill House Designs let you chose for more than 40 breeds. $12

*Note, if you use one of these affiliate links, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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