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Stop buying your mother gifts that say “mom.” She knows she’s your mom, she doesn’t need another spoon rest to tell her that! It can be tricky to come up with Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthday, etc. gifts for one person every year forever, but these unique gifts are sure to touch her heart – and will help make you the favorite child.

  1. Did you know people who regularly practice gratitude report feeling healthier, harbor fewer resentments and sleep better than those who don’t? The Shop Forward – an online store that gives 100% of proceeds back to charities around the world – created a 4 Things Gratitude Journal last year to help us do it. All you have to do is write down 4 things your grateful for. It even comes with stickers. I do it daily! This is their second edition – and I’ve already ordered it for myself, my mom and my grandma. $32
  2. These geometric state necklaces are super meaningful and classy, especially if your mom lives in another state. Give her a necklace of the state you’re in so she always feels like you’re close to her heart. If you’re feeling like an overachiever, you can get yourself one of her state, too. $30
  3. For the ocean lover, these cutting boards, serving trays, coasters and more from Driftway Designs are stunning! Jenna isn’t taking any more custom orders before Christmas, but her online store has plenty of ready-to-go options to choose from – and she adds more every week. This would be great for any vacation home or mom who loves to host. $25 to $125
  4. With this one I’m assuming your mom already has an Apple Watch – or you could be a REALLY generous gift giver. My step mom loves her FitBit but hated the athletic, manly, not-cute feel of a rubber strap. But then she upgraded and ta da! I have a band similar to this one and it’s much prettier than the standard-issue one. $30
  5. These dried flower pens are GORGEOUS and unique, and they come in a ton of colors. I’d suggest pairing it with the custom note cards I talked about in my “Gifts Under $15” guide! $18
  6. My best friend got me a self-inking address stamp as a housewarming gift this year and – three months later – it’s almost out of ink because of how much I use it. Oops. This gift is adorable and practical – a mom’s two favorite things. $21
  7. This little garden tote will hold mom’s tools, seeds or bulbs, gloves and refreshing beverage – everything she needs once the weather warms up. And every time she gardens she’ll remember this cute bag you got her! $45
  8. I bought these beautiful coasters this year for someone in my life who appreciates the artistic, naturally-inspired things in life. The pressed flowers make every coaster unique, and color options make sure they’ll match any taste. One for $16, four for $42
  9. I ordered this recipe baking dish for someone in my life this year and I’m so excited to give it to her. I love that you can send in a hand-written recipe and get back something that will be held dear for years to come. Talk about an heirloom item! $75
  10. I bought this salt cellar for myself this year and I LOVE it. I guess I didn’t read the description, because I totally didn’t expect it to be as heavy as it was, but it’s way prettier than I ever imagined a cement kitchen item would be. Great for a mom who’s always cooking. $30
  11. I’m going to be honest here – this gift may only work for my mother, who is a total nerd, but she loved this purse made out of a book I got her several Christmases ago. I got her the Cthulhu Mythos Tales one – I told you, NERD – but there are options in a dozen genres including crime, childhood books, fairy tales and romance. I don’t love the plastic handles, but I swapped those out for the chain option and we both really liked the result. $58 to $65

*Note, if you use one of these affiliate links, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!


  • Whitney P

    1, 5, and 8😍😍 Fun, creative, and reasonably priced gifts!! Gifts can be hard to pick out but I know what I’ll be getting my mom for Christmas because of this list! Thank you!

  • Margaret blackmon

    I want to make a comment specifically about #1. I have this journal and it’s made an actual, tangible difference in my life. Focusing on gratitude daily is a mindful and vital way to redirect our thoughts from a “what I need/don’t have” mindset to “how blessed I am/I am satisfied” mindset. Nothing could be more needed in this insane 2020 time. The perfect pandemic gift!! Great gift ideas!

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