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Ideas for your Thanksgiving table

The best thing about fall is that you can get away with the same “holiday” decorations for months on end. Obviously you may have to pull down your giant skeletons or spooky inflatables once October passes, but in theory you can rock the same pumpkins, leaves and dried flower arrangements from September through Thanksgiving.

If you’re finally back to hosting this year – or better yet, aren’t – here are a few items from small business that will take your Thanksgiving game up a notch. And the best part is you can put them out now and ride the wave through the end of the month!

First and foremost: The centerpiece. The true bread and butter of any dinner party, holiday meal or gathering (besides the food!) is the centerpiece. I love fresh flowers but what I love even more is the idea that I only have to buy a stunning arrangement once, then I can use it over and over again. This exact one is sold out, but the AstraCreation shop on Etsy has dozens of centerpieces for all occasions. My favorites for Thanksgiving are this one and this one!! $150

Be it a wedding or a holiday gathering, there is just something so fun about place settings. I still have the table cards with my name on them from every wedding I’ve been to! These take it up a notch – they’re actual cookies! Love that you can eat them after and how fun to have a cookie with your name on it?? The shop – Cake Messages – also has tons of other holiday themed goodies. $34 for 6

On the place setting theme, I love these super affordable but very high-end-looking laser cut pumpkins. You can get them in three finishes for as low as $2.60 each and they’re something people can take home with them. They spruce up a place setting with very little effort! $2.60 to $3.60

Ok so hear me out – I know these little wooden turkeys are totally random but the craftsman ship alone would stand out among mass-produced holiday clutter. They are made using a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods and no stains or dyes are used – these are 100% the natural color of wood. Every one is hand cut and assembled in Indiana and I just love them! They could go in an entry way, on the dining room table, on a book shelf, you name it. The shop sells all kinds of wooden goods like earrings, games, kitchen ware, etc. if you are in the market! $30 to $50

Stepping away from the actual dining table, these are a few finds I loved to make the day feel more festive and fun.

These to-go boxes solve the will-they-return-my-Tupperware problem and they’re super affordable. They just add a little pizazz! Would be perfect for a big group or anyone who just doesn’t want to get stuck with a month’s-worth of food at the end of the night. $1.75

If you’re looking for a hostess gift to bring to your mother-in-law, aunt or friend who is inviting everyone over, this spoon is the perfect option. The pumpkin and flowers make it fall-y, you can do a name on the handle or ditch it, and – the best part – it’s only $13 but still gives that personalized gift vibe everyone appreciates so much.

I know we don’t really give gift gifts on Thanksgiving BUT the holiday is a great time to get a jump on something sweet like this. I love the idea of buying this wooden recipe book and taking it with you to your Thanksgiving meal. You can have grandma, mom, aunts, uncles, cousins – whoever does the cooking – write down their signature recipes. Then, hold on to it, flesh it out and gift the book to someone special when the next holiday rolls around. $25 to $79, size dependent

And finally, how can you host a cute party if you don’t look cute yourself?? I have always loved the idea of holiday accessories and outfits and what have you, but it just doesn’t make sense to spend on something you will wear once, maybe twice per year. That’s why the rising popularity of things like clay earrings have made me so happy – it’s an affordable way to spice up your style every season. I love these pumpkin earrings ($16) but there are a ton available for fall and every other time of year. MBStitchesDesign is this particular shop but there are dozens and dozens – you can shop from someone close to you! $8 to $20

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