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Handmade ways to spruce up your house for fall

Hi I’m Mary and I’m a (kind of) recovering Home Goods addict. Truly – I cannot go into that store between the months of September and January. The fall wreaths. The Christmas wrapping paper. The holiday candles! I have a problem.

But rather than tell myself a complete no to season décor and adorable trinkets, I’m making a compromise – get them from local, small businesses who need it way more than a giant corporation. Plus, you’ll have a story other than “I have no will power” when someone asks where you got your adorable decorations. Here are my favorite suggestions to get your collection started!

I think candles are the best kind of seasonal décor. The scents match the time of year, you can get cute labels that match your aesthetic and, the best part, you can use them up before the seasons over and start again with nothing to store. Honeydew Candle Co. has several adorable options – Baked Bourbon Apple is my favorite – starting at $15.

I definitely lean toward more neutral décor over all rather than in-your-face, bright oranges and yellows for fall. I’ve also always been drawn to asymmetrical wreaths- I have one on my door right now! I love this option from Peace Cottage Florals in Illinois – I think it’s so classy and timeless. And it’s completely one-of-a-kind so you’ll never see another exactly like it.

They’re a little hard to see in this small photo, but these pumpkins are made from recycled books! Adorable centerpieces for Thanksgiving and a great conversation starter. They come in orange and tan, and a set of three is $56.

I’m sorry, I know some people think they’re overdone, but if I come to your house and you have a funny doormat I am going to enjoy it every time. This Etsy Shop has so many cute options for fall, but this one is for sure my favorite. $32

CC Stoneware has a beautiful collection of these homemade autumn mugs in several different colors. Just imagine sipping mulled wine or hot cider out of these – truly a fall dream come true! $48 for two

Who says we can only decorate our mantles for Christmas? Garland is having a moment right now and I am here for it. I really love the subtle fall colors and pumpkin detail of this strand – I like it more every time I look at it! Starts at $40.

If the rest of your house is getting a makeover for fall – your plants should too! These terracotta planters are made by hand and have the cutest little autumn detailing, perfect for a succulent or house plant! $35

Loom and Thread Studio makes these pumpkins in all kinds of harvest colors (like 20!) and in various sizes. They can fill a basket, sit on a window sill, stack on top of each other or whatever else your little heart desires. Price varies on size – a mini set of four is $24.

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