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Homemade or custom toys are one of my favorite things to give and to shop for. From wooden toys for littles to personalized, functional gifts for older kiddos, small makers offer so many options that take gift giving from an Amazon search to a special process full of love. I asked what age groups folks were shopping for in an Instagram story, and got a wide range of answers, so I decided to give few choices per age group! Enjoy and happy gift giving.

Ages 0 to 2

  1. These super sweet baby blankets are giving me all the feels. They’re completely hand sewn and made of two layers of super soft fabric. The blanket has a watercolor design on one side and a mink-like fabric on the other. Each order comes with custom embroidery and it’s available in three sizes. Starts at $28
  2. These handmade, wooden rattles are a a precious heirloom gift. These toys are made from beautiful natural woods with a child-safe finish – no paints, stains or screws. These can also be used as teethers for babies. Four animals are available: elephant, hedgehog, duck and turtle. 2 for $31
  3. I LOVE quiet books, I actually had an Etsy shop making my own in college! Books like this are bright and colorful, easy to travel with and are often great for developing sensory skills. This one allows you to choose how many pages you’d like, and which you’d like to include, perfect for babies at any stage of development. These books are 100% custom and handmade – which drives up the price – but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a fun, educational toy on the go. Starting at $68
  4. This wooden play gym is hitting me straight in the heart. How cute! This is a foldable wooden frame and comes with five wooden or crochets toys hanging on wooden rings. Reviews say it is “top notch” and ships quickly. $39

Ages 3 to 6

  1. This book is such a fun one to get kids excited about reading. Every time I’ve given this, it’s been met with a fun video of it being read to a child who is just blown away by reading a book all about them. This Etsy shop sells custom nursery rhyme books, baby books, story books and more. $45
  2. These recycled crayons are something I just learned about, and I’m obsessed with them. They’re gorgeous and functional and you know I love a gift that incorporates a name. This shop can makes names that are up to 13 letters, and kids will love the fun they bring to a favorite activity! $20 to $39
  3. Do you have a creative in the family? I’ve long been obsessed with these stuffed animals that are made from children’s drawings! I’m not sure if Santa knows about Etsy, but how magical would it be for a little one to see their drawings come to life? $55
  4. Simple jigsaw puzzles are shown to help kids with problem solving and hand-eye coordination, and this particular option also introduces them to the alphabet and how letters fit into their own names. Nothing says fun like a gift that helps you learn, amirite? In all seriousness, puzzles are something kids can do over and over, and they’ll get excited every time they realize they’ve learned something new. $15 to $17
  5. Do you have a little in their dinosaur phase? I’m convinced every kid goes through one. These blocks are beautifully made from wood and could be split up into multiple gifts or a few used as fun stocking stuffers! $20
  6. This is one of the most creative advent calendars I’ve sever seen! This paper doll house calendar lets you furnish a house for a reindeer family. Each day, you’ll open up a new piece of furniture and add it to your custom house. You could definitely give this to slightly older kids as well. $40

Ages 7 to 10

  1. I bought this pencil case for an 8-year-old girl two years ago, and it’s still her to go! It’s easy to personalize and a great gift to fill with other things like gel pens, nail polish and other must-have items for girls this age. Fun and affordable! $11
  2. With the coronavirus ramping back up and temperatures dropping, there are about to be a lot of kids stuck inside saying “I’m bored.” Craft kits are a great way to kill a few hours and maybe introduce a new lifelong hobby! YarnNeedlesandThread on Etsy offers nine different beginner knitting kits, all of which end in a cute keepsake. I love this VW bus! $30
  3. Upgrade your slightly more grown up kiddo’s piggy bank to this cooler, personalized version. The clear front will let them visualize how much they’ve saved, and they’ll feel very grown up ditching the pink piggy version. $40
  4. I don’t know about you, but when I was this age I would have KILLED for something special that my siblings couldn’t use. This Etsy shop makes these cute tumblers that feel so grown up, a perfect gift for your little pre-teen. Just a silly little thing to make life a touch more fun. $19
  5. Age 10 is about where boys start to smell, but before they care that they smell. I’ve known several pre-teen boys who needed a slight nudge in that department, and these money soaps will do it. Hide actual cash (you choose the denomination!) in these handmade glycerin soaps to encourage a little more scrubbing in the shower. Starts at $9
  6. For kids this age, I love to gift activities and things to do instead of just more ~stuff~ to pile up. This Harry Potter potions kit comes with nine science experiments to make Harry Potter classics like Polyjuice Potion, Essence of Dittany and Baruffio’s Brain Elixer. It comes with most of supplies, and are even customized by Hogwarts house! I would have killed for this as a kid. $70

If you’re looking for even more items, check out Etsy’s editors’ picks kid guide!

*Note, if you use one of these affiliate links, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support, it means the world!

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  • Margaret Blackmon

    This list could not have been better timed. Just yesterday I got a brand new baby niece😍 I Love that your site is now linked to these items! I ordered the rainbow minky blanket with her sweet name. Thank you so much!

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