How I love local at home

This is it, y’all!

My first personal blog post. I can’t even express how much I procrastinated this very post – this blog isn’t supposed to be about me! – but I’m excited to get to know everyone and welcome you into my home to show you how I use small batch, artisan products every day!

My fiance (crazy to type that, we just got engaged!) and I moved into a new apartment last month, which of course means I went nuts buying furniture, home goods and products I wanted to see and use all the time. Not everything in your home has to be from a farm stand for you to be a lover of local products and supporter of artisans, and I hope this post helps you realize how much fun it can be to mix it up with unique, handmade items!

We are very much still getting settled into this home – y’all, we still don’t have a couch. It has been a journey. – so please give me grace, but here are some photos of my favorite things in the house! 💕 Most of the products were either purchased locally in Massachusetts or on Etsy (my favorite place to shop) and I’ll link either the exact goods or shops in the captions below!

Leave a comment to let me know which items are your favorite and how you use local in your own home!

My FAVORITE part of this apartment is the open floor plan, and I’m in my kitchen all day everyday. I make dinner every night, I work from a bar stool at the counter, and I love filling the space with products that work for me!
Concrete salt cellar/Glass oil bottles/Fresh flowers/Pepper mill/Cake stand
This apartment brought baths back into my life and I’m so not mad about it.
Soap/Candle/Wine glass/Wine
What, you don’t interrupt your fiance’s friend while they’re talking and ask him to take a picture of you perched on your counter?
Custom label candles/Tree bark candle holder (the exact shop isn’t selling anymore but this is similar!)/Jewelry box


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